Rules and Regulations

Hours of Operation:
Daily 8:30-6pm (office available on Saturdays from 10am – 3pm)
Pets are welcome to visit as well but must be leashed and cleaned up after.
If you need assistance during other times to locate a pet or other services please call 412-701-1422 .

– All grave markers are to be installed by cemetery staff only.  If you purchase your own marker it must not be made of a breakable material and sit flush to the ground to ensure the safety of our grounds crew and grass cutting.
– Once installed both permanent and temporary markers are not to be removed from the grounds.  If a marker needs maintaining, please contact us and we will take care of it.  If it needs replacement, we can help to facilitate the replacement.
– All due care is taken to ensure that markers are not able to be easily removed from the lot, however, cemetery management cannot be held responsible for damage done to markers due to grounds care, acts of God, vandalism or theft.

Temporary Markers:
– These markers are often used as permanent markers.  We strongly encourage our pet parents to consider the purchase of even a small permanent marker so that the lot remains easy to locate.  Should your older temporary marker be un-readable please contact us with the location and we will attempt to remove and re-mark the location.

– Management cannot be responsible for damage or loss of decorations due to weather, vandalism or theft.   Grounds are monitored 24×7 by recorded video cameras, please contact us if something is missing.
During the summer growing months only real flowers are permitted on the graves, they should be laid at the bottom of the marker and will be removed for grass cutting.
– Plants and Flowers are not permitted to be planted into the ground to facilitate upkeep and maintenance.
After November 1 before March 10 – Wreaths or other upright decorations and artificial plants are permitted.  (Christmas decorations will be removed at the end of January and should be claimed by that time)
– Decorations must sit above ground level and be securely fastened to the ground. We suggest putting the pet and family name on a weatherproof tag on the decoration to allow it to be placed should it come loose.  Any decorations found loose in the cemetery and not readily identifiable will be discarded.

– We have a grounds crew, if your lot needs upkeep we strongly advise against doing it yourself, please contact us and we will take care of it.